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Project Ψ [PSY]

The project evolves through the documentary film “Ψ” and the digital platform Psy Files and is an open and ongoing research into mental health and psychiatric ethics.

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The Confession Session Project

"The Confession Session" is an online philosophical-cinematic project of Alkis and Kostas Gounaris that evolved in 2011. Fifty-two people in a bar tell fifty-two stories. Fifty-two small cinematographic portraits of a confessional character, as a philosophical game of how our events and principles determine our decisions and actions.

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Philosophy Café

The Philosophy Café project started in 2006 by a small group of teachers and students of the postgraduate program of philosophy at the Athens School of Philosophy (UOA) and was originally set up at Dasein Café in Exarchia, with the initiative of Alkis Gounaris, Ph.D. who was the organizer and main coordinator of the events.

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Dasein Lab

Dasein Lab is an educational research program by Alkis Gounaris, the main aim of which is to bring the general public closer to the issues that concern the academic community -primarily philosophy- in a simple, easy to understand and accessible way.

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