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Dasein Lab

25-01-2019 11:15

Dasein Lab is an educational research program by Alkis Gounaris, the main aim of which is to bring the general public closer to the issues that concern the academic community -primarily philosophy- in a simple, easy to understand and accessible way.

Its story began in 2006 in Dasein, Exarchia, when the first meetings of The Philosophy Café were organized there, in collaboration with the Athens University's Ethics Graduate Program, the Hellenic Society of Ethics and philosofia.gr. Philosophy has been the main subject of the program for many years, but soon the interest expanded to literature, cinema and the arts in general. From 2013 until 2016, its events were hosted at the Anesis multi-campus and were enriched with creative writing and art history lessons.

Dasein Lab, in addition to The Philosophy Café, has organized a number of Philosophy Workshops and Courses as well as events related to poetry, comics and photography exhibitions. Dasein Lab now organizes an annual Philosophy History Seminar, it maintains its digital - informative entity and organizes its extremely rich archive with a view to making it public.

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