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Athens News Interview

A part-time philosopher challenged 52 Athenians to reveal their innermost secrets and will be drawing the curtains of his online confessional once a week for the duration of a year. Interview by: Despina Pavlaki

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Only The Words Continue [Fipresci Award Winner of the 13th Thessaloniki Film Festival]

It was in the winter of 2010, at the “Dasein” bar in the Exarcheia district of Athens, that the Confession Session project began. It all started with an idea by Alkis Gounaris, who invited 52 of the bar’s regulars to confess personal stories. These stories went online and also became the material for this award winner documentary.

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Only the Words Continue: Opening in Thessaloniki Doc Film Festival

Official Opening in Thessaloniki Doc Film Festival. March 16th, 2011, 20:00 Olympion Cinema

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