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Only The Words Continue [Fipresci Award Winner of the 13th Thessaloniki Film Festival]

22-03-2011 15:07

It was in the winter of 2010, at the “Dasein” bar in the Exarcheia district of Athens, that the Confession Session project began. It all started with an idea by Alkis Gounaris, who invited 52 of the bar’s regulars to confess personal stories. These stories went online and also became the material for this documentary. In front of the camera, words, phrases and people take on an added gravity. They reveal feelings, thoughts, pursuits and decisions that have played a decisive role in each person’s life. By filming people’s confessions, we chart their inner world – a world which has been forgotten in the din and alienation of modern-day cities.

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 Script–Direction: Kalliopi Legaki
Concept – Interviews: Alkis Gounaris

Cinematography: Giannis Misouridis
Editing: Bonita Papastathi 
Sound: Maria Gentekou
Sound Editing & Color Correction: Giannis Ntaridis
Camera: Kostas Gounaris, Christos Tsakalos

Production Portolanos Films & Alkis Gounaris

54min, Digital Beta, 2011

Based on the Project "The Confession Session" by Alkis and Kostas Gounaris

View Project here: https://www.youtube.com/user/theConfessionSession/videos

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