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Why do we need philosophy today?

19-12-2018 13:24

On the occasion of the World Day of Philosophy, here are some thoughts about the meaning, the reality, the remains and the role of philosophy today.

Starting with the question what would happen if the philosophers went on strike, indicate the role of language and the role of ideas in the way people, everyday giving meaning to the facts of their lives. The ideas lead people to decisions, laws, rules, principles, and attitudes. The ideas create facts and our world of facts arises from going astray ghosts of past ideas. Without philosophy, the existed beliefs of the past are recycling, so we will continue to stumble on imaginary rocks of these beliefs, or ideas, as if this fanciful rocks really exist.

And what does all this mean? Does it means that if the philosophers do not go finally on strike something will change? Shall we explode the myths of the past and released from the "fetters of the cave?" Probably no. Most possibly, the role of the old ideas will replaced by others and the “restraints” of the past will be transformed to new prismatic lenses that will show us the “proven new truths" which is worth to live or die for!

Keywords: Philosophy today, world day of philosophy

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