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Social Ecology and Communalism in Murray Bookchin’s philosophy

About: This essay, attempts to outline the philosophical basis of the Murray Bookchin’ s theory, the fundamental principles of social ecology and communalism and the main objections of "green party" environmentalists against the social ecology movement and vice versa. Social Ecology is a radical modern ecological theory, which is placed against both the traditional anthropocentric ecological theories that recognize an absolute value only in humans and biocentric trends (such as "deep ecology", ecosophy, etc.) who argue that all living organisms have intrinsic value. Milestone of this theory is, that: to overcome the ecological crisis must first overcome the social crisis.

Keywords: Social Ecology. Bookchin

Gounaris, A. (2006). Social Ecology and Communalism in Murray Bookchin’s philosophy. PGPEP, NKUA. Retrieved February 4th, 2019 from https://alkisgounaris.gr/en/archives/social-ecology-and-communalism-in-murray-bookchins-philosophy/

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