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Sexual Deviations: The Problem of Normality and the Ethical Tolerance

Abstract: This essay, attempts to compose a picture of the problem of non-"normal" sexual preferences, desires or acts, called "perversions" (or paraphilias) and how they relate to moral judgments, the good and the evil, the fair or unfair, etc. Firstly it examines how happened to consider today, some sexual preferences natural, and some others unnatural, and focuses in constructivistic view of the "implantation of perversions”. Next deals with the problem of normality by presenting a synopsis of the main theories about what is natural or unnatural, healthy or deviant (concerning sexual behavior) and how these perversions related to the problem of moral valuation of a desire or action in theory of evaluative realism. Finally answering the question whether there are perversions or no, claims that sexual preferences has to disconnected from moral tolerance, exonerating this way the unusual pleasures!

Keywords: Sexual Ethics, Psychiatric Ethics, Foucault, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Mill, Nagel

Gounaris, A. (2008). Sexual Deviations: The Problem of Normality and the Ethical Tolerance. Dasein Lab Workshop. Retrieved February 4th, 2019 from https://alkisgounaris.gr/en/archives/sexual-deviations/

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