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Philosophy as therapy: Aristotle and the communovirus

24-05-2020 13:58

Alkis Gounaris
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Philosophy

Abstract: How did the public debate regarding the return to a lost sociability bring us back to Aristotle during the pandemic? What is the essence of Aristotelian communitarianism, and why is uniting people for economic gain or to deal with dangers not enough for our well-being? What does Sandel suggest about returning to the lost values of political and social life? The fifth article in the series on how philosophy contributed to the treatment of irrationality in the days of the pandemic.

Keywords: communitarianism, eudaimonia, common good

Gounaris, Α. (2020). Philosophy as therapy: Aristotle and the communovirus. Original publication in www.bookpress.gr. Retrieved [24/05/2020] from

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