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Six Easy Pieces of Political Philosophy

Alkis Gounaris
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Abstract: My aim here is to approach six “easy” pieces of political philosophy, as a structured introduction, considering that their simplification can help -if not anything more- “freshen up” our political thinking. The issues considered here relate to the notions of social contract, the contention between communitarianism and liberalism, the values of equality and freedom, as well as the assessment of the political situation in financial terms or in evaluative terms of conservation and progress.

Keywords: introduction to political philosophy, political ontology, liberalism, communitarianism

Gounaris, Α. (2012), Six Easy Pieces of Political Philosophy. Original publication in www.koutipandoras.gr. Retrieved [month/day/year] from www.alkisgounaris.gr/ URL

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