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Grassroots violence, Foucault and the Barbarian Invasions

12-02-2019 14:26

Alkis Gounaris
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Abstract: The disapproval of violence contained in its very concept (as a force directed against something or conflicting with something) hides a regulatory dimension which is manufactured and not self-evident. What I am trying to explain in this article is the logical error that lies behind acts of violence and not its moral assessment.

Keywords: Foucault, violence, terrorism

Gounaris, Α. (2012), Grassroots violence, Foucault and the Barbarian Invasions. Original publication in www.koutipandoras.gr. Retrieved 12/2/2019 from https://alkisgounaris.gr/gr/archives/foucault-and-the-barbarian-invasions/

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